About CastleWorks


The CastleWorks family is a growing network of home service companies founded by a group of entrepreneurial couples including Lee and Christy Roux, Steve and Wendy Moore, Bill and Amy Tassio, David and Eliza Parker, and Danny and Kate Guiney. These individuals started small and grew their family-owned businesses in quality, affordable water heater and plumbing services as well as, air conditioning, heating, and water purification services in California through their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Over time, their companies provided specialized training and employment opportunities for their technicians.

With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to increased home repair needs, Alex Stuckey moved to California and established CastleWorks as a top home services provider. Over the next two years, Alex carefully selected a group of exceptional companies to join the CastleWorks family.

The CastleWorks story continues as we provide unparalleled home service solutions with skill, integrity, and respect, helping to restore peace of mind to homeowners.

Why Choose CastleWorks

Once our technician arrives, they will greet you and assess the work site. They will perform some basic tests and verify that the home service system complies with current safety regulations and codes. After evaluating your water heater situation, the technician will explain the findings to you and request a signature before proceeding with the work that you have approved.

CastleWorks has been providing prompt home services since 1995, including residential and commercial water heater installations, often on the same day you call.

Customers sometimes wonder why their friends or family members receive a higher final bill from other home service companies than the initial quote over the phone. No company can accurately predict the cost of a job until a technician assesses the situation on-site. Beware of companies that provide low phone estimates as this is often a deceptive way to gain access to your home. Choose a company that visits and diagnoses the situation first and provides a firm fixed price, which is how CastleWorks operates.